Why Businesses Are Benefiting From BYOD

Becoming a mobile enterprise means new opportunities for your organisation. Employees are happier and more productive when they have mobile access to their email, apps and data on tablets and smartphones. Companies running their businesses on mobile work style solutions gain competitive advantages and drive top-line growth.

How Businesses Are Benefiting

By using mobile management combined with effective Veeam offsite backup, people can use their own mobile devices for work whilst keeping their files safe. Reduce the overhead and expense of IT departments in need of issuing corporate devices as well as supporting the technology. Employees supplying their own devices are generally more familiar with their own hardware and can usually support their own problems.

Empowerment Of The Employees

It empowers the employees to use software in an efficient and effective way, users can work in whatever way they want. Employees now become more flexible with their day to day duties with the use of mobile management. Happier employees help create a more productive workforce.

Security For The Organisation

The use of this technology offers security to the business ensuring data can be centralised without the risk of exposure of company data outside the environment. Quite often equipment lost or stolen is the biggest threat for data wrongfully getting in to the wrong hands. BYOD protects the data which increases compliance and management. The ability to securely remove data and applications from disgruntled employees and expired contractors also gives IT managers peace of mind that the companies data is safe outside the environment.

How Citrix XenMobile Can Help?

Citrix XenMobile is a comprehensive solution that helps people in adopting the use of the BYOD in simple and secure ways. Users have single-click access to all of their mobile, SaaS and Windows apps from a unified corporate app store, including seamlessly-integrated email, browser, data sharing and support apps.

IT gains control over mobile devices with full configuration, security, provisioning and support capabilities. In addition, XenMobile securely delivers Worx Mobile Apps, mobile apps built for businesses using the Worx App SDK and found through the Worx App Gallery. With XenMobile, IT can meet their compliance and control needs while users get the freedom to experience work and life their way.

BYOD, Disaster Recovery & Veeam Offsite Backup From Bluewire

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