Understanding The Colocation Advantage

Rowland Kinch, an industry expert and the Chief Executive Officer of Custodian Data Centres explained his beliefs about colocation as the best solution in a lot of organisations. Due to the continues growth of those companies that are shifting from the duty of individual servers to the networked system that relies online, a lot of companies and businesses are realising the original belief of operating own rooms. This is in order for the servers to close their office location. On the other hand, there are still a lot of companies that doesn’t realise of saving money and getting more resilience in a certain data centre.

What Is The Colocation Advantage?

The decrease in the expenditure of operations as well as the ability to focus by the IT team on the core business only means that most data centres are offering organisations the capability to extend the possible potentials within the companies or businesses. It can answer several questions such as; do the companies’ teams have employees that can work 24/7 in the 365 days of the year? Can these employees reboot air conditioning or the server when it fluctuates at 3 am? If not, then Colocation companies are the one that can help them because they are the one that specialises in network services and data centre.

For most IT and financial directors, colocation companies are providing a great scenario of win to win. They provide savings for cost and they deliver the state of the art infrastructures. If you are going to compare the abilities of a server room or a standard comms to a colocation solution, the assessment of the power shows the gap between utilising specialist expertise from the in house solutions.

Struggle On Power

Server room
Although there are a lot of in-house rooms for servers that have a power access, battery and air conditioning backups, and this kind of system cannot fully protect the infrastructures of the organisation. Company organisations needs to take in consideration their raw cost, power solution, diverse supply of powers and the distribution paths that have a double system for generator.

Colocation allows organisations to get a benefit from their resilient connectivity and fast networking at a low affordable price. Its data centres are connected to a number of transit providers and they have large pipes of bandwidth which only means that businesses can benefit from them a better service but in a low cost.

Thru this, there are several organisations that starting to look for a cloud solution than colocation at the first glance. Cloud cannot provide organisations full services from their infrastructures while colocation enables them to save money where most companies are too blind to see.

Indeed, when companies choose to have colocation solutions, they can instantly have a benefit of great security with an accredited ISO 27001 process as well as security teams and infrastructures onsite. In addition, most of data centres will have their time, impetus and resources in order to continually research and invest in green technologies. Those companies that have moved to an in house server rooms can usually save up to 90 percent of carbon emissions.

Server Monitoring Service From Bluewire

Aside from all the good things mentioned above, other benefits can also be attained if you just allow Bluewire’s server monitoring service to monitor your server infrastructure in order to proactively solve IT issues before you even notice a downtime.

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