The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has risen in just a few years to become one of the fastest growing IT industries. Here we take a look at some of the main benefits of managed cloud hosting and how it could help your business improve and succeed.

Does My Business Need Cloud Computing?

Flexibility : Once a company requires additional bandwidth than usual, a cloud-based service can instantly meet demand because of the vast capacity of service’s remote servers.

Disaster Recovery : When companies start relying on cloud based services, they no longer need to complex disaster recovery plans. With cloud-based applications already off-site, the customer offices are no longer considered a single point of failure. Cloud based services generally have additional redundancy to ensure no downtime whilst giving the customer peace of mind for business continuity.

Automatic Updates : Cloud based services allows companies to ensure all users of their application are on the same version of the software. This is because they can provide automatic updates to cloud applications, reducing the burden of IT resources and enabling application version consistency throughout the organisation. This also helps with support, as the company will know what version of the software is being used when issues are logged.

Cap Ex Free : With no upfront investment and ownership of business applications, cloud based services can offer a flexible monthly opex fees. And because there is no deployment of software or license fees, Pay as you go models can reduce expense and resource on application delivery projects.

Increased Collaboration : Cloud computing allows companies to access to a wider geographical reach or access to new beneficiary groups. Financial savings and better use of existing resources as well shared knowledge, good practice and information sharing. Ultimately collaborative working should enable you better to meet your beneficiaries needs. Increasing collaboration through cloud based applications, employees can benefit from up to date synced documents, wherever they are in real time.

Work From Anywhere : As long as employees have internet access, they can work from anywhere. This flexibility positively affects knowledge workers’ work-life balance and productivity.

Document Control : According to one study, “73% of knowledge workers collaborate with people in different time zones and regions at least monthly”. Without the use of cloud, workers are restricted by sending files back and forth over email, meaning only one person can work on a file at a time. Many different versions of documents are likely with no central control. Managed cloud hosting keeps all the files in one central location, and everyone works off of one central copy.

Security : Some 800,000 laptops are lost each year in airports alone. This can have some serious monetary implications, but when everything is stored in the cloud, data can still be accessed no matter what happens to a machine.

Competitiveness : Cloud based services gives SMEs enterprise-class business applications without the need of regular maintenance. This allows for greater competitiveness against larger businesses that are currently using these applications in-house.

Environmentally Friendly : Businesses using cloud computing only use the server space they need, which decreases their carbon footprint. Using the cloud results in at least 30% less energy consumption and carbon emissions than using on-site servers. And again, SMEs get the most benefit: for small companies, the cut in energy use and carbon emissions is likely to be 90%.

Managed Cloud Hosting From Bluewire Solutions

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