Centralised management and control

  • Permanent visibility of all of your hardware and software assets, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X workstations and servers, in addition to Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.
  • Monitor proactively the status of your devices and reduce the number of incidents with automatic updates.
  • Automate the most common IT tasks, freeing up time for other projects and value-added tasks.
  • Apply the policies established and optimise device power consumption.
  • Monitor and block user Web browsing by category.


Dramatically reduce calls to support

  • Remotely monitor and provide support to all devices, even if they are switched off.
  • Use non-intrusive diagnosis and troubleshooting to boost productivity.
  • Assess the work done.
  • Show who has done what, with which device, for how long, etc.
  • Demonstrate reductions in downtime and support times.
  • Identify problematic hardware or software.


Real-time device inventory

  • Control and monitor the CPU, memory and disk usage, services, software, etc. of all devices in the corporate network.
  • Performance graphs.
  • Control changes to installed software and hardware.
  • License management.


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