Saving Time & Money with BlueBox Bundles

Saving Time & Money with Server Virtualisation Systems

Using software to create multiple virtual servers is a practice which is growing in popularity. With many companies using 75-80% of their budget on running existing software and devices, it’s not surprising that many IT departments are considering new and innovative ways to create additional space, and make the most of limited resources in creative ways. Fortunately, due to the increased range and adaptability of current virtualisation systems, they have become more accessible, and are no longer limited solely to those companies with the excess budget to spend on experimental features.

As virtualisation server solutions have spread into mainstream use, so have the industry’s best practices, allowing companies such as Bluewire to create pre-built server environment bundles which can be applied and tailored to suit all types and sizes of business.

Benefits of Bluewire’s virtualisation bundle

Virtualisation is seeing increased popularity due to the many benefits and features it brings with it. The virtualisation bundle from Bluewire can reduce IT maintenance costs by up to 60%, while increasing the efficiency of the available resources to meet increasing business demands. These systems also reduce business risks, and can help companies to achieve or improve their Green Mark certification; environmental impact is lessened by the creation of virtual servers, rather than the implementation of tens or hundreds of pieces of physical technology which will impact the environment and increase energy use.

Bluewire aim to provide cost-effective preconfigured systems ready for production use. These systems help business to increase their efficiency rates, as they can be integrated seamlessly following a few consultations “ rather than having staff leave their responsibilities to attend weeks of retraining. At Bluewire, we provide full installation documentation, which is easy to follow while offering the same enterprise solutions as more complex and costly solutions on the market.

Tailored BlueBOX bundles to suit your organisation

BlueBOX bundles are pre-built server virtualisation systems which can be tailored to meet the needs of any company “ no matter the sector or size. These systems are installed quickly and efficiently and have ready-prepared documentation covering all aspects of the system integration with an existing company.

To find out more, take a look at our BlueBOX pre-built server environments bundle. You can also contact us to see how Bluewire can bring your company’s IT solutions in line with industry best practice, and increase your company’s overall efficiency, without costing the earth.