Prevent & Solve IT Issues With Bluewire Solutions

Allow Bluewire To Monitor Your Server Infrastructure and Proactively Solve IT Issues Before You Notice Downtime.

Why Choose Bluewire?

With the help of the technology, a new way to support and monitor IT systems have been created. Its system management feature gives a simple yet affordable management system. It is capable of supporting and monitoring all types of devices that the company is using no matter where these devices are located.

  • 100% Operations From The Cloud

There is no need for a company to have additional expensive tools to monitor their environment; all of the operations needed are done in the cloud.

  • Proactive Support

Bluewire has the best proactive support for all of the company?s users. No matter where they are or what time it is, it is easier to resolve issues regarding the company?s devices and computers by accessing it in a non-intrusive manner. That way, the computer and device?s problems can also be solved remotely through our server monitoring service.

  • Less Maintenance Cost

The software allows the company to minimise the maintenance cost because it helps the company in minimising all the functions and processes of the company?s IT infrastructure with the help of the software?s centralised control and automated management.

  • Ticket System

The software is very much capable in organising, classifying and prioritising incident troubleshooting. Upon organising it, it would be much easier to reuse and share technical procedures in order to resolve these incidents.

  • Centralised Control & Management

This feature allows all of the company?s hardware as well as software to be visible permanently. It also helps in reducing the occurrence of incidents with its automatic updates and allows the company to monitor the status of all the company?s devices proactively. It can also help automate common IT tasks, apply policies and then optimise the power consumption of all of the company?s devices.

  • Messaging & Chat System

The users can directly communicate and ask for help from the IT department with the use of the chat and messaging system.

  • Control Devices

You would also be able to control and manage all of the company?s devices using just a single tool. Its remote wiping allows the administrator to send a signal to a device to delete all data so that people who stole these devices would not have any access in it.

  • Server Monitoring Service From Bluewire

Aside from all the good things mentioned above, other benefits can also be attained if you just allow Bluewire?s server monitoring service to monitor your server infrastructure in order to proactively solve IT issues before you even notice a downtime.

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