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What we do

Managed Workspaces from Bluewire is an office without limits, a fully managed solution to virtualise your applications, desktops and data. We deliver Applications, Remote Desktops and VDI to any device in your network, anywhere. Completely bespoke and tailored solutions for your business.

Work smarter and have the flexibility accessing your business as a cost-effective monthly subscription model. Managed Workspaces allow you to enhance and reduce costs by eliminating license fees in addition to hardware cost. We’ll fully manage the environment on your behalf.

Cloud services simplicity

Managed Workspaces replaces modern VDI infrastructure with easier to use cloud-based management services. Cloud-based services centralise and simplify the design and deployment of virtual apps and desktops, mobility management and secure file sharing solutions – no matter where they are deployed. Centralised control also lowers IT operations costs up to 40% and enables faster updates and deployment of new services.

Reduce Complexity

Managed Workspaces delivers applications to any user, irrespective of the operating system, computer or device in use. This will allow you for example to deliver Microsoft Office 2016 to your tablet device or even legacy OS such as Windows XP.


Reduce your total cost of ownership by cutting down on IT administration tasks, increasing business agility, and optimising the use of your own devices.

Save time and money without the need to train staff or buy expensive hardware and licensing costs.

Offer a seamless experience on any device by allowing users to print locally even when using remote applications.

Effortless User Experience

  • Deploy applications with a rich and high-performance experience to any device.
  • Sync files and applications across all your devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
  • Give access to desktop services and VDI to any user on any device.
  • Universal Printing & Scanning.

Windows Client Management

  • Remote assistance with shadowing for faster troubleshooting.
  • Extend the lifespan of your hardware by turning old machines into thin clients.
  • Centralised managed and fast deployment of applications.


  • Enable users to connect to desktops and applications from anywhere
  • Support multiple devices
  • Print and scan without limits
  • Secure and control data at the server and user level
  • Reduce desktop admin and support issues
  • Improve employee productivity

Why work with Bluewire?

Bluewire’s team of consultants have many years of experience dealing with problems from all business sectors in small and large organisations. By engaging our Managed Workspaces service paired with our Support service, customers have round the clock support without the investment of staff to cover shift patterns. Speak to us about a custom design to ensure this fits your business needs.



Want to know how Bluewire can help optimise your mobile device, desktop, datacentre or cloud platform?
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Want to know how Bluewire can help optimise your mobile device, desktop, datacentre or cloud platform?
Speak to an expert today.

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