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Fully managed cloud backup from Bluewire using our pay-as-you-grow

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What we do

Bluewire Solutions offers a range of off-site backup solutions to provide off-site protection for our customers data.

Backup software from many vendors includes the ability to copy backups to remote locations for additional resilience. By integrating hosted servers and VPN solutions we can extend your existing backup solution to provide a remote backup of your systems. This backup arrangement provides significant benefits, as the remote backups can be monitored through the existing backup systems, but can also be recovered using the same tools.

Recovery from these backups can also be provided to the Bluewire Solutions hosted platform rather than a customers on-site system, which provides a rapid recovery option in the event of an IT Disaster. Depending upon the backup software in use your data can be made available in as little as 15 minutes, which vastly reduces the business interruption caused by IT failures.


Cloud Backup Service

To provide data protection and data recovery we can provide a simple agent-based Cloud Backup service, which copies changed data to a UK-based internet-connected storage system, which is then available for recovery should things go wrong.

Our Cloud Backup Service utilises 256-bit AES encryption for backups, and although the backed up data is stored on our storage system, the encryption keys are only retained by the customer and therefore are completely secured. We therefore ask our customers to retain the keys securely, as we do not have access to the encryption keys, and cannot recover the data without them.

The Cloud Backup Storage systems are resilient enterprise-grade SAN systems which are housed in high-quality data center space in the UK.

Our Cloud Backup Service also provides a pay-as-you-go model, with low setup costs and monthly charges based upon the amount of data stored on the Cloud Backup Service.

Initial copy (seeding) services are also available to overcome initial copy times for customers with broadband services or for customers with large quantities of data.

Veeam Offsite Backup Cloud Connect Service

Extending your Veeam Backups to the Cloud provides an effective solution for offsite backup and recovery in the event of a disaster, and is suited to businesses of all sizes.

The Veeam offsite backup Cloud Connect service also allows recovery of the backups to any other location, allowing Disaster Recovery options to be provided alongside this solution.

Our Veeam Cloud Connect Service also supports:

  • Encryption (please note encryption keys are only retained by customers, and therefore are completely secured. We ask our customers to retain keys securely data cannot be recovered without them).
  • WAN Acceleration.
  • Only pay for the storage resources you use (per GB per month).
  • Enterprise-grade SAN systems in ISO 27001 UK Datacenters.


Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Expanding on the recovery options from our Veeam offsite backup Service we can provide a range of additional benefits, by providing backup systems which are integrated with your existing on-site backup systems.


  • Simple management, scheduled automatic backups and monitor health
  • Secure encryption copies at offsite location
  • Affordable seamless solution without the need of tapes, DVDs or hardware

Why work with Bluewire?

We specialise in providing rapid, reliable and resilient backup and recovery for your company’s vital applications and data. With many options, Bluewire can offer an offsite backup repository suitable for your data.



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