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3August, 2020

NSX-T Logical Routing

Logical Routing in NSX-T In NSX-T, logical routing provides an optimised and scalable way of handling east-west a north-south traffic. Logical routing is used in many ways including, support for single or multi-tenant deployment models such as containerised workloads and multi-cloud environments.  Separation of tenants and networks.  Optimised routing path and centralised services in the […]

27July, 2020

NSX-T Logical Switching

Use Cases for Logical Switching With todays traditional datacentre switching challenges, businesses require multitenant or application segmentation. Virtual machine mobility requirements over layer 2 across networks and sites. However having such a large layer 2 physical networks can cause STP issue nightmares. Traditional hardware has its own limitations, swapping out ageing hardware requires downtime or […]

20July, 2020

Preparing the NSX-T 3.0 Datacenter Infrastructure

Here are a few notes I have made along the way whilst implementing NSX-T 3.0 for the datacenter Implementing NSX-T in vSphere Here is the preparation workflow for deploying NSX-T in vSphere Use the OVF template to deploy NSX Manager Access NSX UI Register vCenter Server with NSX Manager Deploy additional NSX Manager instances to […]

3February, 2020

Dell VxRail at a Glance

Dell VxRail at a Glance This article will show you how VxRail will help simplify your IT through standardisation and automation. Dell VxRail is a hyper-converged compute node which includes storage (powered by vSAN) and is easily scalable. Layering tools from VMware’s SDDC stack like the management and automation enables these nodes to be the […]