Avoid Downtime Of Your IT Systems With Bluewire Server Monitoring Service

Time is precious. It will always be; whoever you are and whatever your status is. But this is much true to business owners. Time is equivalent to money. The success of each and every business solely depends on smooth and uninterrupted flow of its operation.

Time is Money; Downtime is Expensive

But with the fact that unexpected negative events such as natural phenomenon, system breakdown or human error can happen, then business owners need to assure and make a plan on how to recover if these incidents happen. This can be avoided with an effective and reliable server monitoring service.

Living in the modern age where technology is prevalent, storing data becomes an easy task. You can have all vital information needed in just one system. But then the risk of losing all of this in just a second is always possible. In fact, any businesses can be confronted with any kind of computer breakdown. System breakdown and data loss is considered as one of the biggest threats to business.

Fixing the cause of data lost might be possible but it will never be that easy. You will be lucky enough if you are able to restore data that are affected through recreating files from the scratch. But of course it will only be possible if you have another source which you will use for recreating the data. This will surely cost business with valuable amount of time.

Downtime, whether caused by overloads, hardware failure, human errors are considered real issue for any businesses. It?s an issue that can charge a company with a great amount of money.

Downtime Is Expensive, Why?

1.? Server downtime can lead on lost profit. Incoming sales might not be attended to, which is one way to lose revenues. Sales team can?t do their job well, which means they weren?t able to bring sales in your company.

The costs from solving server downtime issues should also be included in calculating the amount downtime cost to the company. If there is a need for hiring someone to fix the problem, an additional cost for paying their labour should also be taken in consideration, thus greatly impacts the company?s profit.

2.? Server downtime can damage the reputation of your company. When you encounter downtime, it will surely have an impact to your customers. Downtime can cause your company to deliver orders out of time, thus putting the reputation of the company right at risk.

3.? There would be reduced productivity. Well-organised business owners know that the productivity of employee will have a direct impact to the company. Payroll is considered one of the company?s largest expenses. If there are not enough redundancy used, the productivity will then be reduced, so as to the company?s profit.

4.? If you take in consideration all of those factors, server downtime cost will surely sum up high. The cost will vary on the size of your business and on the weight your business relies on the server for doing the operations.

If you want to know the exact downtime amount of your servers, you need to utilise a website and server monitoring service. This will provide you all the things you want to know. Time is money, downtime is expensive. So better be safe and take every safety measures you can possibly have within your business.

Server Monitoring Service From Bluewire Solutions

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