27 July, 2020

NSX-T Logical Switching

Use Cases for Logical Switching With todays traditional datacentre switching challenges, businesses require multitenant or application segmentation. Virtual machine mobility requirements over layer 2 across networks and sites. However having such a large layer 2 physical networks can cause STP issue nightmares. Traditional hardware has its own limitations, swapping out ageing hardware requires downtime or […]


20 July, 2020

Preparing the NSX-T 3.0 Datacenter Infrastructure

Here are a few notes I have made along the way whilst implementing NSX-T 3.0 for the datacenter Implementing NSX-T in vSphere Here is the preparation workflow for deploying NSX-T in vSphere Use the OVF template to deploy NSX Manager Access NSX UI Register vCenter Server with NSX Manager Deploy additional NSX Manager instances to […]


3 February, 2020

Dell VxRail at a Glance

Dell VxRail at a Glance This article will show you how VxRail will help simplify your IT through standardisation and automation. Dell VxRail is a hyper-converged compute node which includes storage (powered by vSAN) and is easily scalable. Layering tools from VMware’s SDDC stack like the management and automation enables these nodes to be the […]


27 January, 2020

PlateSpin and VMware Converter Comparison

P2V Product Comparison This is just a short overview of a couple of products that I have been comparing for a large amount of workloads. PlateSpin and VMware vCenter Converter both perform Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V) server migrations to VMware virtualisation platforms. vCenter Converter however lacks many time and labour-saving automation capabilities, which leads to higher amounts […]


20 January, 2020

Copy Folders Permissions and Roles from vCenter

Copy Folders Permissions and Roles from vCenter During a recent migration of a large environment including hundreds of folders and permissions, there was no way I was going to manually write them out again, especially as the disaster recovery site requires the exact same hierarchy. Below you will find the same script I used to […]


13 January, 2020

vCenter Converter Considerations

vCenter Converter Considerations So there are still people out there looking to virtualise their existing server hardware as we don’t live in a complete virtualised world yet. With VMware vCenter Converter 6.2, you can migrate your workloads over to a vSphere environment, whether from a supported physical Linux or Windows server or even from VMware […]


6 January, 2020

vRealize Automation 8 – Getting Started

The following series will help you understand vRealize Automation 8 and the new features with the latest edition. This article is getting started with vRealize Automation 8, here is a list of the terminology used. Projects Projects link users and cloud zones. Think of projects as groups that control who can use what cloud resources. […]


30 December, 2019

vRealize Operations Super Metrics

Working with Super Metrics   After working with a customer wanting help with super metrics, it occurred to me if this was actually going to solve their requirement. You want to ask yourself what are you exactly wanting to achieve and if you need to present this as a report or a dashboard for example.  Here […]


12 November, 2015

Improve Business With A Fully Managed Backup Service

‘Fully managed backup’, also known as ‘cloud backup’ or ‘backup-as-a-service’ (BaaS), is a method of storing data offsite, in which files, folders, or the entire contents of a hard drive are backed up on a computer or a remote server with a network connection. The reason behind managed backup is simple and straightforward: to protect […]


30 October, 2015

Another Cloud, Another Dollar..

Take an example of a simple tea stall; it’s a business in itself – catering to the needs of the passing masses. Some stopping along the way either on their way to work to fetch a hot cup of tea or on their way back from work after a long day to sit for a […]