Another Cloud, Another Dollar..

Take an example of a simple tea stall; it’s a business in itself – catering to the needs of the passing masses. Some stopping along the way either on their way to work to fetch a hot cup of tea or on their way back from work after a long day to sit for a while and enjoy a cup of hot tea to sooth their senses.

Cloud Services Continue To Grow

The Tea Stall owner, albeit is an example of a business in the running but in order to bring to its customer that cup of hot exotic tea, they need to buy tea from the supplier who in turn has to procure his supply from a plantation and so the chain rolls. Tea also has milk and sugar for which the stall owner has an altogether different supply chain, and then they might also think of selling sweet buns too.

In short a business in itself is a market place, a tea stall maybe a small example. However, it trickles up the chain, a big multinational pretty much operates based on the same principles. Technology, meanwhile, drives this supply chain, as we go deeper into this decade of miracles cloud computing it seems has emerged as the prevailing IT trend.

Estimates place the growth revenue generated from cloud computing at a whopping $67.2 Billion in 2016. To start with cloud computing reduces fixed costs and also operational costs as well. It’s efficient in the sense that organisation from various spectrums are able to collaborate with one another across a medium which offers uniformity.

It’s no surprise then that most organisations are opting to move their applications to a cloud base. Another aspect of managed cloud hosting is its reach, businesses today are global and collaboration via cloud computing offers businesses the opportunity to communicate beyond borders. All in all cloud computing and collaboration via its network enables organisations to allocate resources effectively and practically.


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