Here are a few of the reasons to choose us:

Heritage and Stability
It is over 40 years since the founder of our leading partner started offering music and advertising to clients. We have an intimate understanding of the part our services play in targeting markets, building brand identity and enhancing atmosphere.

Expertise and Partnership
We combine our own knowledge with close client partnerships. Our systems are developed with our clients’ needs in mind and tested in real client sites before release.

Industry-Leading Support
Our client services team bring many years experience and are backed up by a range of support services, including our manned helpline.

Quality of Service
Our success lies in our close client relationships and attention to detail.

Vast Range of Options
The products and services we offer are designed to offer the maximum range of options. We give clients the flexibility to pick and choose the bits that suit their business needs.


In order for us to achieve the best results to secure your customer satisfaction and to ensure that the service we have sold to you and your business Bluewire have partnered up with some of the biggest industry leaders in this arena.

Bluewire Music have partnered up one of the top music regulators in the UK which have been around since 1976.? We have been working with businesses like yours to ensure that you get the most from your customer-facing environments.


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