Bluewire Solutions Helps Organisations Monitor Their Environments For Potential Issues To Maximise Uptime And User Experience.

IT environments have never been so complex; or so important. With potential downtime, the customer experience and user productivity at stake, CIOs need to ensure IT uptime reaches that elusive 100 per cent.

Monitoring the performance of individual IT components will give you an insight of how your IT environment is performing whilst alerting you once certain thresholds have been breached.


Why Server Monitoring Matters

For the CIO

  • Minimises the risk of IT outages
  • Improves reputation
  • Reduces the costs of the IT management

For the business

  • Protects revenue and shareholder value
  • Safeguards customer service levels
  • Enhances business agility and supports growth

For the user

  • Ensures a better IT experience
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves satisfaction


Shining The Spotlight On IT Environment

From cloud hosting platforms to private in-house environments, Bluewire’s Server Monitoring services help with the overview of day-to-day infrastructure performances. By enabling monitoring of systems, Bluewire managed services or your existing help desk can be more proactive in resolving issues before they impact users.

Server monitoring also plays a key role in capacity planning and risk mitigation, enabling IT departments to plan for peaks in demand, strengthen security and error events as they are reported. As a result, IT experience can be optimised for both business and its users.


100% cloud-based solution

All operations are performed in the cloud. You do not need any additional infrastructure to centrally manage all of your devices, smartphones and tablets.

The best proactive support for your users

Resolve your users’ problems proactively by remotely and non-intrusively accessing their computers and devices, wherever they are.

Minimise maintenance costs

Systems Management allows you to optimise the functioning of your IT infrastructure thanks to its automated management and centralised control.

Ticket system

Organise, classify and prioritise incident troubleshooting. Share and reuse technical procedures to resolve incidents.

Application Performance Monitoring Highlights:

  • Root-cause analysis: Uses Dynamic Service Groups to determine whether your problem is with your application, database, O/S, or elsewhere.
  • Monitor server O/S & Application performance: Monitors Windows Server 2003 & 2008, UNIX, Linux, IBM AIX, Solaris and virtually any application.
  • Best practice performance thresholds: Recommended performance thresholds for optimum O/S & Application performance.
  • Single pane of glass: Monitors the health of applications and the underlying physical and virtual server infrastructure.
  • Support for multi-tier application architectures: Aggregate views of server and application groups by service (such as email), location, or department.
  • Powerful alerting rules: Alerts and escalation sequences based on correlated events, sustained conditions, complex combinations of states, and more.
  • Findings and Recommendations : Once the analysis phase has been completed we will produce a report and arrange for the consultant who carried out the analysis to go through the findings and recommendations. Read more – Server Monitoring In-Depth


Bluewire helps organisations take advantage of server monitoring. We implement solutions. We customise parameters. We educate IT teams. As a result, we accelerate time to value for our customers, enabling them to safeguard digital services, reduce IT operational costs and improve the user experience.

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