What we do

Desktop as a Services (DAAS) lets you deliver desktops and applications without compromising compliance. Applications and data reside in the datacentre so the risk of business and personal information loss from lost and stolen devices is reduced substantially. Ongoing support costs are also reduced as a result of a centrally managed Cloud based service.


3D Hardware Acceleration

All physical desktops, workstations, tablets and smartphones include 3D graphics hardware which accelerates graphics applications to deliver an acceptable end-user experience.Workstations for CAD, CAM, Graphics and 3D modelling are generally provided with high spec 3D Graphics cards to provide for the higher demands of these applications.

Hosted Desktops have traditionally been provided with software-based 3D graphics (using the processor to do the graphics processing) which is inefficient and introduces significant lag to the graphics. On normal hosted desktops this is noticeable and can impact productivity, but for CAD, CAM, Graphics and 3D Modelling this makes these applications unusable.


Why DaaS from Bluewire Solutions?

  • You want to reduce the complexities associated to managing and supporting desktop operating systems along with applications and data.
  • You want to increase your desktop hardware refresh timescales, using money saved elsewhere in your business.
  • You have limited budgets for upgrading and maintaining ageing desktop hardware.
  • You would like to refocus your IT staff from the day-to-day desktop maintenance/management to other higher priority tasks.
  • You want to reduce energy consumption and other related expenses from having a traditional hardware based solution.



  • Access from Anywhere.
  • Access from Any Device
  • All data stored centrally – collaboration and sharing of models from any location.
  • Data sprawl is controlled.
  • Easy management – updates and new software easily deployed.
  • Monthly subscription (minimal capital expenditure).
  • Reliable performance from any device.
  • Always On.
  • Backed Up & Protected with AntiVirus & Firewalls.


Why work with Bluewire?

Bluewire has incorporated NVIDIA GRID hardware into the desktop hosting platforms to deliver Hardware-based 3D Graphics acceleration which provides hosted graphics performance comparable to traditional desktops and high-end workstations.


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