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Today’s IT infrastructure has become increasingly complex and inflexible, with the typical company spending upwards of 70% of IT budget simply to maintain the status quo. IT productivity and business value is constrained by this overwhelming complexity.

Virtualisation can help customers simplify infrastructure management, service delivery, and application management by streamlining or eliminating tedious manual tasks, improving visibility, and ensuring service levels in a dynamic IT environment. This dramatically improves productivity; enabling time to focus on strategic projects and create value for the business.

Bluewire offer a broad range of solutions to optimise and virtualise IT environments. We implement scalable, reliable and highly available virtual infrastructures tailored to specific business needs – managing the entire project lifecycle including design, proof of concept, implementation, migration and on-going support.



  • Reduce costs by up to 60%
  • Achieve/improve Green Mark certification
  • Reduce business risk
  • Improve availability
  • Increase utilisation and efficiency
  • Reduce disruption to the business


Why work with Bluewire?

Our accredited consultants have many years experience with designing and deploying server virtualisation in the data centre. With established partnerships with both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, Bluewire can assist in implementing a virtual infrastructure for our customers.


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