It’s an unfortunate truth that over time the performance of your visualized
IT system will begin to deteriorate.

This has an impact on everyone.

Your users get frustrated and raise more IT support calls. Thereby adding to the workload of your IT Support team, all the time your senior management team aren’t happy about the loss of operational efficiency.

In other words all fingers are starting to point in your direction.

But it’s not usually a simply task to pinpoint the exact root cause of the problem, then you need to understand what you are comparing things against. That’s before you can find the time needed to investigate the issues.

It’s for these reasons why many of our new clients first approach us to undertake a Health Check of their IT Infrastructure.

By using Bluewire Solutions to carry out your Health Check you save time, and get a clear picture of where the problems lie and you’ll get recommendations on how you can improve the performance.

It’s not just new clients who use our Health Check services. Some of our best clients book annual Health Checks to ensure they are compliant to best practice and reduce risks when looking to commence an upgrade.

VMware vSphere Health Check

Our Health Check helps you:

  • Ensure you are compliant to regulatory standards and industry best practice
  • Reduce the risk of completing an upgrade
  • Improve uptime and performance


What the Health Check entails:

  • Discovery : Your Health Check starts with a discovery exercise. During our onsite visit you will discuss the current infrastructure along with the challenges you are facing and any particular aspects you want to focus on.
  • Analysis : Following the Discovery Phase our consultant will analyse your infrastructure using various performance and diagnostic tools. They will measure against best practice and industry norms.
  • Findings and Recommendations : Once the analysis phase has been completed we will produce a report and arrange for the consultant who carried out the analysis to go through the findings and recommendations.

Vendor Specific Health Checks

  • Citrix Health Check
  • VMware Health Check
  • Microsoft Health Check
  • Dell Storage Health Check
  • HP Storage
  • NetApp Storage

IT Specific HealthChecks

  • End-User Experience Health Check
  • Network Health Check
  • Storage Health Check
  • Backup Health Check