Music Service for Spa’s


Bluewire Music is a digital music service that downloads playlists directly into your spa. We know the power of MUSIC and MESSAGING and how to use it to connect to your customers.? Create personal in-store radio station with custom advertsing or just music to match the mood.

Still using your own music? then read the problems here


Spas are special places

Your escape to relaxation and rejuvenation. But what sets your spa apart? Certainly the service is important, and spa owners go to great lengths and expense to get the look perfect. Yet many spa owners overlook the mood,?the sound of the spa. Your guests may not come to your spa?because?of the music, but they?ll enjoy their experience so much more because of the music.


It?s all about the experience

If your spa promotes attributes such as ?every treatment and indulgence imaginable? or ?signature treatments and elements that you won?t experience anywhere else?, then don?t compromise on the music. From delicate to engaging, a unique music mix sets the tone for the type of service and luxury you deliver. Go?beyond background music?? have music match the distinctive experience. Whether you want traditional atmospheric sounds, groovy chilled out beats, smooth jazz, or a mix of styles, we can help you achieve your sound.


Don?t take short-cuts with the music

Playing the same CD?s over and over seems to be the most common method for spa?s to play music. More spas are experimenting with Pandora and are finding that Pandora?s choices can be erratic and don?t always match the mood. Some spas allow employees to play their own music from their own iPods and iPads, but that results in a highly inconsistent sound depending on the employee?s tastes. Chance are these options are not licensed for use in a business (this means illegal). Bluewire Music can manage your playlists or allow you to take control. We have more fully licensed songs available than many common music services. And we love music!


Let the music match the clientele

Whether it?s a Day Spa or a Spa Resort, Bluewire Music can provide the perfect soundtrack to compliment the mood. Spa music doesn?t have to be just water, birds, and harps. Different channels for different sections of your spa is also a creative option.

Many spas are now promoting group packages and special events when the typical ?new age sound? just won?t fit. Bluewire Music allows you to switch the music on-demand to create the right atmosphere for bridal & bachelorette parties, corporate functions, family reunions, wedding events, and pre-prom parties.


Is Bluewire Music right for?my?business??To take the next step in getting the Bluewire Music service for your spa, call us at 0844 567 0580 or use our?contact form.


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