Music Service for Retail Stores


Bluewire Music is a digital music service that downloads playlists directly into your store. We know the power of MUSIC and MESSAGING and how to use it to connect to your customers.? Create personal in-store radio station with custom advertsing or just music to match the mood.

Still using your own music? then read the problems here


How is your store different?

Is it the unusual variety of products? The top level service? The interesting?fair trade items? Music can make your store different and memorable. What?s playing in your retail store says a lot about your brand, your employees, the customers who visit, and the kind of experience you want your guests to have.

The fact is, no two businesses are exactly alike, so why play the same ordinary corporate music or satellite radio that gets played in cars, offices, or discount stores?

Bluewire Music is different because we stream music directly into your dentist office without satellite dishes or discs. We have more fully licensed songs available than many common music services. And we love music!


Won?t just any ordinary music service or local radio station be OK?

Think about the image your store projects and the products you sell? Why don?t people simply go to a bargain store or the convenience store to buy the stuff? Because that?s ordinary, commonplace, and isn?t special. Same with music. Be distinctive! Be bold! Don?t settle for ordinary! Music sets the tone, vibe, and atmosphere for you to showcase the clothes, gadgets, food and products people love.

And what about your employees? Want them listening to an ordinary, repetitive music mix all day every day?


Distinguish your brand with a distinctive music mix

People bounce from store to store when shopping. With so many brands in your category and so many different categories of retail stores, you need a memorable, distinctive music mix that sets you apart. Fashion is key in retailing and music playlists can help you sound fashionable ? even if you?re not selling clothes!

What?s your sound?? We?ll help you sound like no other.

  • Furniture and home furnishings
  • Clothing and clothing accessories from shoes to jewelry
  • Grocery, supermarkets, specialty foods
  • Sporting goods and outdoor recreation
  • a store so unique you defy categorisation!



A music service that?s right for your large size

For retailers with multiple locations, a regional or national footprint, or bigger budgets, we offer music and messaging designed specifically for your brand. Our music professionals work directly with you and your brand to ensure you love what you hear.


Like to create your own music playlists?

Some store owners and managers like to play ?their own music?, meaning they?re using an iPod, iTunes, iPad, CD?s or Spotify.? It?s a lot more work to do-it-yourself, with songs that often don?t fit or are inappropriate; and it?s not always legal because you?re avoiding the required licensing and copyright fees.


Is Bluewire Music right for?my?business??To take the next step in getting the Bluewire Music service for your retail store, call us at 0844 567 0580 or use our?contact form.


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