Music Service for Dental Practises???


Bluewire Music is a digital music service that downloads playlists directly into your dental practise. We know the power of MUSIC and MESSAGING and how to use it to connect to your customers. Create personal in-store radio station with custom advertsing or just music to match the mood.

Still using your own music? then read the problems here


Upgrade the music in your dental practice

Bluewire Music is the music service for dental offices that believe music is an important part of their practice. The music you play affects the patients comfort and enjoyment, and music plays a role in the productivity, energy level and job satisfaction of the staff. Employees listen to the music far longer than any patient. You don’t want the staff listening to an ordinary, repetitive music mix all day every day.

Our fully licensed, digital music channels are customised around the unique needs of the professional dental office environment in a way satellite radio or local radio can’t be. Local FM stations aren’t designed for all day or in-office listening. FM radio is also full of lots of talk, interruptions and commercials (especially commercials for other dental practices a big issue for dentists).

Bluewire Music is different because we stream music directly into your dentist office without satellite dishes or discs. We have more fully licensed songs available than many common music services. And we love music!



Improve the sound of your dentist office

Bluewire Music is a better music service for dental practices that care about what they hear. Bluewire Music music includes:

  • A large selection of music channels designed with less repetition, more variety, no talk, and no interruptions.
  • The musicians get paid for the music played. We pay all the PPL and PRS music license fees.*
  • No long-term contract. No activation fee.

Try it without obligation using our 30-day free trial

If you have a dental brand or marketing group with multiple offices, let us create a branded fully customised playlists with special pricing for all of your locations.

*Music playlists selection


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