Are you creating the Right Customer Experience for Your Business?



Do you want a cost-effective, hassle-free method for building your brand?? Making your business stand out from the competition??Increasing sales??Lengthening or shortening dwell time?? Improving customer satisfaction? Motivating your employees?

Whether you require;

branded music

audio or video advertising

in-store radio

digital signage

or a combination of these, we can build a package to suit. Once we know which options you require, you will receive a tailored package designed to achieve your specific objectives – within your budget!


The industry’s most advanced way to play music for business in restaurants, bars, stores, gyms & other venues.


Why choose Bluewire Music?

Understanding the Business Benefits of Using a Music Provider




Services to Support and Grow Your Business


Bluewire Music offers a range of support and enhancement services to help our clients get the most out of their systems:


Brand Profiling – MUSIC / VISUALS
Brand profiling helps clients to build and sustain a brand image and appropriate ambience. This brings customers back to your business again and again, and encourages increased spend on each visit. From small members’ clubs needing music only on Friday nights, through to chains looking for fully integrated digital signage and audio advertising systems; our profilers can take control, so that you don’t have to.

Audio and Visual Advertising / Messaging
Audio and video advertising are some of the most powerful media for connecting with customers who are already in your business premises. Audio advertising has an almost subliminal effect, enabling you to pass on messages that might otherwise be ignored. Video advertising, on the other hand, is eye-catching and engaging. Our systems can make use of existing audio or video assets, but we can also provide the full range of advert creation services, from scripting/story-boarding, to delivering a completed advert.

Installation Services
Our engineers can supply and install audio and video systems anywhere within the UK, covering anything from a two-speaker kiosk to a luxury hotel. We are happy to re-use existing kit if possible, though any kit that is required will be sourced at an appropriate level to suit your budget. If you are outside the UK, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Backup Services
A full range of support and maintenance services are provided. We minimise cost to our clients by answering queries via our helpline wherever possible, only resorting to an engineer call-out if it is absolutely necessary. When engineers are required, we always try and repair existing kit in the first instance, unless you specifically ask for new kit to be provided.