There is continued pressure at all levels of government to respond quickly and accurately to citizen requests and to share more information about policies and procedures.

Recent years have seen the introduction of a number of large scale IT projects aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing headcount costs in many areas of public service. Not all of these implementations have been managed effectively and many have come in over budget and past the projected delivery dates.

Our Services

  • Use & re-utilise IT resources & assets available delivering higher quality of service to more businesses & citizens at a lower cost ‘doing more with less’
  • Share data & information – in a secure, timely & auditable manner to protect & safeguard its integrity
  • Deliver end-to-end decision support & case-working systems
  • Meet the expectations of the citizens, businesses & stakeholders by implementing the process improvements necessary to deliver policy objectives

Why work with Bluewire?

Bluewire has the experience and partnerships to ensure your projects are delivered smoothly and cost-effective. With satisfied customers already benefiting from highly resilient infrastructures, why don’t you ask us how we achieved this.

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