Bluewire is well experienced working with schools and colleges to shape a more cost-effective and secure infrastructure.

The need to invest in infrastructure and cloud-based services to support not only the technological advancements and innovations within the education sector and the requirement to store every single record produced for an indefinite period could also have a dramatic impact on IT budgets if not managed intelligently. In addition, the strict and ever-changing laws around data protection, governance and compliance prove to be a constant management challenge to both systems and human resources.

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Pressures to reduce costs within the educational sector have reached an all-time high. The need to drive increased value from investments has never been greater and this is especially true in terms of technology investment.

  • Secure, protect and leverage critical data
  • Manage budget pressures & constraints
  • Manage service delivery to support transformational initiatives
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Why work with Bluewire?

Bluewire has the experience and partnerships to ensure your projects are delivered smoothly and cost-effective. With satisfied customers already benefiting from highly resilient infrastructures, why don’t you ask us how we achieved this.

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