7 October, 2015

Understanding The Colocation Advantage

Rowland Kinch, an industry expert and the Chief Executive Officer of Custodian Data Centres explained his beliefs about colocation as the best solution in a lot of organisations. Due to the continues growth of those companies that are shifting from the duty of individual servers to the networked system that relies online, a lot of […]


6 October, 2015

Why Businesses Are Benefiting From BYOD

Becoming a mobile enterprise means new opportunities for your organisation. Employees are happier and more productive when they have mobile access to their email, apps and data on tablets and smartphones. Companies running their businesses on mobile work style solutions gain competitive advantages and drive top-line growth. How Businesses Are Benefiting By using mobile management […]


24 September, 2015

Disaster Recovery Services And Its Benefits

Nowadays, it’s not only the occurrence of natural disasters like floods, hurricane, and tornado can hinder small business to do their normal duties. Electrical concerns also now belong to the primary cause of business problems. A simple electricity glitch can cause troubles in terms of customer service, web applications, and internet networks. E- Commerce will […]


21 September, 2015

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has risen in just a few years to become one of the fastest growing IT industries. Here we take a look at some of the main benefits of managed cloud hosting and how it could help your business improve and succeed. Does My Business Need Cloud Computing? Flexibility : Once a company requires […]


20 August, 2015

Why Would I Need Offsite Backup For My Business?

Natural disasters, human error and system crashes can lead in losing important data of any business. This can create big problems that might have long-lasting and traumatic effects. It is a common act between businesses to safeguard this important data against those risks. Offsite Backup Eliminates Tapes & The Manual Intervention Of Taking Tapes Home […]


13 August, 2015

Prevent & Solve IT Issues With Bluewire Solutions

Allow Bluewire To Monitor Your Server Infrastructure and Proactively Solve IT Issues Before You Notice Downtime. Why Choose Bluewire? With the help of the technology, a new way to support and monitor IT systems have been created. Its system management feature gives a simple yet affordable management system. It is capable of supporting and monitoring […]